About Us

We are a small group of smart, spirited experience designers with a variety of backgrounds and proven track records from hardcore business strategy to award winning creative work.

We design ideas that are future-compatible both from the business’ and the user’s perspective. We are passionate about creating sustainable products and services that bring more comfort or joy into our lives right when and where we need it. Impactful stuff that makes brands meaningful and people happier.

But before all, we are human. And we want to work with clients who are that way, too (no offense to AI). We want to work in a respectful, no-nonsense, open and honest way. Having fun. But alas, we are human. So if we steer off course, just call us out. We can take feedback.

The humans


strategic design lead


After nearly 10 years working in advertising doing award winning strategic and creative work in Budapest and Amsterdam, Judit found a new passion in design. Or maybe it wasn’t even that new: coming up with solutions that go beyond mere communication, proposing innovative products and services has actually always been what got her international recognition in European and Worldwide creative competitions such as Cannes Lions, Best YET or Eurobest.

So when she discovered the field of Service Design, that was it. She arrived. She started to dig deeper, learn more, and do more. But then it was time to get to the next level. At Hyper Island’s Digital Experience Design Master’s, she spent 6 of the most intense months of her life, being mentored by the best of the industry from IDEO to Snook and Ustwo. She worked on live projects, such as defining opportunity areas for BBC’s new technologies, focusing on empowering ‘binge watchers’ to make more conscious choices. Or helping a social media company create a CSR program that is authentic, appeals to its GenY employees, and is financially self-sustaining at the same time. She even worked on a proposal for Well Digital Pharmacy to completely redesign the way women access the ‘Morning After Pill’, taking into account the sensitivities of the situation from both the pharmacy’s and the user’s perspective.

She is passionate to work with other pioneering companies to improve and innovate on their offerings to make them easier, more meaningful and simply fun (when appropriate). Meanwhile, she is also finishing her Industry Research Project on how to design for better client-agency relationships. It’s something you’ll have to experience for yourself;)

What she likes about BoldX : Not just asking about, but really understanding the needs we are designing for - both for the end user and in the business. Being bold enough to experiment. Being human enough to enjoy the work.


creative Lead


Peter is an award winning creative thinker, leader and doer. From a copywriter at McCann he worked his way up to be the creative lead of the Turkey/CEE region of DDB, one of the greatest international networks.

From FMCG to media and finance, from healthcare to telco Peter helped his clients design game changing brand ideas, creative platforms and innovative solutions.

He created the world’s first armpit jewel for Procter and Gamble’s Secret deo, he was the godfather of the famous Dirt is Good platform for Unilever and he was curios enough to launch a tweet-based experiment to find out whether Friday 13th is a lucky or unlucky day.

(And the results? Well, it’s a good conversation-starter next time you meet;))

In 2015 he became the founding partner of BOLD, where he helped Vodafone create their first ever youth platform, helped relaunch Hohes C fruit juice with a new brand idea, package design and brand-act and worked with Bookline to help young Hungarians rediscover the beauty of high literature.

As a partner at BOLDX he is focusing on meaningful experiences and inspires client teams to re-imagine the business they are in.

What he likes about BOLDX: “Story-doing not just storytelling. Brand as a service. Trying-out culture. These are the things I like to discuss with our clients, and BOLDX has the perfect framework to turn such discussions into actions.”  


Strategic lead


Tihamér has been creating business and brand strategies for almost 18 years. He was always in love with communication, but somehow always created not just campaigns but real Acts. While working both at client and agency side he was always true to his personal mantra: only Acts are that really matter. A new product or service innovation, put it simple: a meaningful experience.

Because people are seeking experiences: when whatching TV, reading online content or just sitting in a telco store or waiting in a branch of a bank. This made him a passionate “perpetuum mobile” when it comes to solve a business problem. Under his influence more than 50 FMCG, telco, bank, automotive, retail and pharmaceutical brands already know how to create real business impact with game-changer CX solutions and innovations. Doubling revenue in 12 months, increasing brand consideration from 4 to 32 percent or transforming a utility provider to a meaningful brand.

Service design is a new method for him, but honestly an ancient passion.

...and our friends

We work with an international network of talents from all fields of design and execution. This allows us the freedom to pick the team that’s best suited to deliver on the diverse challenges we take on with our clients.


What we do


Redesign business-critical services and experiences to increase customer satisfaction

Explore innovative solutions for the future of their category that answer real customer needs and create business value

Help bring the design-thinking mentality in-house through hacks, jams and trainings to foster a more agile, innovative culture

Redesign employee experiences from onboarding to workflows to increase employee satisfaction, productivity, retention and even the number of new applicants


How we work


We use the principles of design thinking, business strategy, behavioural science and connecting fields and tap into your company’s knowledge and talents to define valuable opportunities and deliver on them.

business impact

We are always looking for solutions that go beyond the expectations, but above all solutions that work. Things that make sense financially and drive real business value, and aren’t just pretty on paper.

project teams

We work with fully dedicated teams, so a design team only works on one project at a time. We found that while this might be a bigger up-front investment, dedicated teams deliver quicker and in better quality than teams who ‘time-slice’ between multiple projects. It allows for deeper immersion, more exploration and finer details in execution.


We prefer co-sourced and co-located teams with our clients. We have found they are a more efficient, and a more fun way of working. Though we understand it is not always possible, at least not always for the entire project, we try to gain these advantages even if only for shorter periods of time.

“Supposing is good. Finding out is better.”

- Mark Twain (famous designer)



Design research and light ethnography allows us to get a deeper understanding of not just what people say, but what they actually do - and more importantly, why they do it. This helps us uncover real needs and the right opportunities that we can design for in a meaningful way.


Tapping into the BOLD pool of talents we are uniquely positioned to conceptualise and execute on more unique ideas. Combining our human-centered design research and creative resources with your domain expertise creates an exceptional mix of ideas. We create low-fidelity prototypes for early testing and iterations until we feel confident to step to the next stage.


The majority of innovation projects fail on implementation. There are many great ideas in drawers around the world. People are often uncomfortable with change both within and outside of the company - so we also have to design for how to implement a new offering. We will be with you every step of the way up until implementation.